Things to know before starting Facebook page.

things to know before starting Facebook page

Business Facebook page is just a digital social media marketing channel.

I think Facebook’s huge consumer market and the right combination with this popular marketing system is to ensure a full exchange of Facebook users for an eCommerce project. Beware of the market by sick competition!

How many TV channels are there on the TV in your room? Do you use Pinterest on your phone? Pinterest is also a digital marketing channel. There is also Twitter, Instagram, TikTok. You have a lot of followers only on social media, but you don’t have a digital platform that you can fully control.

Things to know before starting Facebook page in Bangladesh.


  • Choose a positive, eye-catchy and easy-to-remember name for the organization.
  • Select the right “category” for your business or organization and go for Trade licence, Digital business identification (DBID) and Business Identification Number (BIN).
  • Create a business bank account for all of your business expenses.
  • Get your business duel currency card for your paid adverting spent.
  • Create a White-label website for the strong authority in online business.
  • Choose a minimalist logo and cover photo for your Facebook business page and go for trade trade mark registration.
  • Make a suitable business plan for processing the future workflow.
  • Learn Facebook Page Insights.
  • Learn Facebook business page optimization.

Starting with eCommerce, you might have been able to send e-mail notifications of your posts to hundreds, thousands, millions, or sometimes billions of reserved consumers with a single click of your mouse. Instead of opting for e-commerce, building an online business through social media will get you used to additional paid advertising.

Inefficient business page management on a popular social media marketing channel called Facebook has resulted in most homegrown entrepreneurs’ very progressive page advertising ID being permanently restrictions.

Restrictions cause long-term damage to online platforms.

Just because you don’t have a trade license, your business will be declared completely illegal by the government.

I have a few questions for those who have read this post so far with a healthy mind.

  1. Why not permanently restrict the advertising ID of domestic SIM companies’ Facebook pages?
  2. How to adapt to the changing Facebook algorithm?
  3. What are the points to keep in mind when creating an online business plan?
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