Technical Glitch Disrupts .bd Domain Service Managed by BTCL

Yesterday, on April 3rd 2024, the Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Ltd (BTCL) encountered a technical malfunction affecting the .bd domain service. The disruption, which commenced at 8:40 am, has led to the temporary unavailability of various government and private websites operating under the .bd domain.

In an official press release signed by Mir Mohammad Morshed, the General Manager of Public Relations and Publications at BTCL, reassurance was provided that the technical team is diligently addressing the issue. It is anticipated that the service will be restored promptly.

The .bd domain stands as the preeminent top-level domain designated for Bangladesh, widely utilized by government entities, businesses, organizations, and individuals within the country. The disruption has undoubtedly inconvenienced stakeholders reliant on this critical online infrastructure.

In acknowledgment of the inconvenience caused, the BTCL authority extends its sincerest apologies to all affected parties. Notably, the .bangla domain, also managed by BTCL, remains operational without any reported issues.

Efforts are underway to expedite the resolution process, ensuring the swift restoration of the .bd domain service to its full functionality. Further updates will be provided as the situation progresses.

As the situation unfolds, BTCL remains committed to providing timely updates on the progress towards resolving the technical issue. Stakeholders are encouraged to remain patient as efforts are made to restore the .bd domain service to full operational status.


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